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Outsourcing the development of complex code to make your products more effective.

Development of specialized services

Numerical analysis, image processing, data relay and processing services

Optimizing your code for multicore CPUs, GPGPU, Intel Xeon Phi

Porting your code, parallelizing solutions, improving performance

«RunParallel» utility - Parallelize your code automatically

On-the-fly code optimization and parallelization during Just-In-Time execution


Our company is focused on R&D of complex algorithms, low-level system high-efficient services, high-performance solutions with short round-trip delay time.

The basis of the company is specialists in the field of system programming, parallel programming, development of translators and high-load services.

Used technologies:

  • Pure C, C++ - to build really effective and specialized solutions for your task:

    • low-level system programming, debottlenecking;

    • parallelization of calculations to improve the performance of programs and the fault tolerance of services.

  • Python, Java EE - for building efficient, scalable, fault-tolerant web services.

Hardware platforms that you can use by cooperating with us:


  • AMD GPU (OpenCL C);

  • Intel Xeon PHI (Offload Acceleration, Native Code);

  • x86_64 CPU (Posix Threads, OpenMP, Intel TBB);

  • Heterogeneous clusters of NUMA/SMP servers including universal multi-core processors and accelerators (OpenMPI, MPICH2, GPGPU).


Artem Lebedev
Artem Lebedev


Parallel programming

    Ilya Kuznetsov
    Ilya Kuznetsov



      Alexander Petrov
      Alexander Petrov




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      • A. Lebedev Dynamic Parallelization of Computational Code as a Phase of Just-in-Time Compilation (poster) (PDF)
      • Petrov A., Lebedev A. BiomedConnect - Cloud platform for collection and analysis of biomedical data (PDF)
      • Mikhail Shubin, Artem Lebedev, Outi Lyytikainen, Kari Auranen Revealing the True Incidence of Pandemic A(H1N1)pdm09 Influenza in Finland during the First Two Seasons — An Analysis Based on a Dynamic Transmission Model, PLOS Computational Biology, March 24, 2016 (PDF)


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